Embrace Case Cover for Amazon Kindle (Touch) 2014 / Voyage - 'Western' Leather - Brown

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Key Features
 Superbly designed Tuff-Luv ereader case, hand-made in for
 Best quality leather used to craft this case, classy and stylish
 Functional and convenient Embrace design, featuring a secure hand strap for secure grip and one-handed control of the device
 Contains magnetic buckle, secure device harness and secure grip hand strap

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Your eReader is your necessary escape; a quiet place in the bustle of daily life. We are proud to offer a reading experience for your eReader made of the best high-quality materials, unique features and superior device protection for a worry-free voyage into your choice literature.

Our Embrace design is the ultimate in luxury one-handed reading experiences for your ! Featuring a hand-band for secure one-handed reading. This band tucks discreetly into the soft interior cover and all but disappears into the neat tailored edges. Unlike other hand-held cases, which require you to stretch your hand over the back of the case, the Embrace case supports a natural one-handed reading position, with easy access to page-turn controls on your device. Bumpy commute? Simply slip a finger through the hole in the strap for additional grip. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading, and never have to set it down to turn the page. The interior features a fine micro-fibre lining to give your that extra care and attention it deserves.

We require the same excellence you expect of high quality products. Our reputation for superior quality cases and accessories with outstanding variety is all made possible by our hardworking dedicated staff. We test, design and modify our range of cases and accessories constantly in order to continue to meet the high expectations of our customers. It's challenging and rewarding work, and we thank you for helping us maintain our high standards with your questions and comments.

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