Final-Approach Pilot Flight Bag / Case Cover

Key Features
 Size: 50 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm
 Multiple inside and outside compartments
 Should strap included
 Top and side handle included

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  • E-volve Final-Approach Pilot Flight bag / case
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Take to the skies with the E-volve Final-Approach Pack.

Tired of your generic bags that dont seem to have that special place for your most important essentials? Ever caught in the midst of giving that all important radio call when your GPS batteries go dead, not quite certain of your position of your plane, nor your backup batteries? leaking, smelling fuel strainer all over your other essentials? Can’t find your glasses, keys at the end of the day?... you get it! Well we at HQ, being avid aviators, know a thing about making bags and cases, have come up with the ultimate solution. A pilot bag designed by a group of pilots in social consultation with flight instructors & students from a famous UK flight school. A bag designed by pilots for pilots! With this pedigree - you know we have functionality in mind at reasonable cost.

Engineered for convenience, this pack stores all quick-access items in exterior pockets, while keeping planning gear tucked out of the way, into the interior storage compartments:

Exterior pouches:
1. Cell Phone
2. MP3 Player
3. Batteries
4. Sunglasses
5. 2 LED flashlights
6. GPS
7. Fuel Strainer
8. Keys
9. Earphones - Primary
10. Earphones - Secondary
11. Information/luggage ownership card

Interior Storage:
1. Flight map/Ruler
2. Secondary Checklist & Wiz Wheel
3. Primary Checklist
4. Secondary Ruler/Protractor
5. Half-size Document
6. Weather Info
7. Pens/Pencils
8. Erasers/Misc
9. Travel documents
10. Pilot License
11. Kneeboard
12. First Aid Kit
13. Emergency Radio
14. Half-size Document

In addition, the pack has two sets of foot-pegs for extra traction when sitting in horizontal or upright position, centre-balanced shoulder strap, and handles for top and side hassle-free carrying. Main compartment areas zip all the way to hinges to turn this flight equipment tote into a small office for route planning.

Toss a change of clothes into the flexible interior spaces for that weekend aloft! Take it all with you without the bulk.

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