Aquatic Pocket Pouch - All Purpose Waterproof Case for Iphone 4S / 5 / Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 S2 Digital Camera (Size M)

Key Features
 1 metre waterproof
 Interior size: 160 mm ( L ) x 150 mm ( H )
 2 air-tight zip-seals and snap buttons
 Adjustable length carry cord
 Anti-twist/tangle cord tension relief mechanism

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  • E-volve Aquatic Pocket Pouch - All purpose Waterproof case (Size: M)
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Make sure your accessories are safe from the weather, waves and water and wetness in general with the e-volve waterproof pouch.<br />Double-seal and high-grade aquatic pack materials ensure top quality protection thats easy to roll up and stow until you need it.<br />Stick a few of these in your glove-box or luggage for worry-free aquatic adventures. Essential gear for any holiday.<br />Take e-volve along. Take advantage!<br /><br />Waterproof submerged up to 1 metre under water!

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