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Compact Camera Cases

A compact solution

With the phone photography craze in full swing, it's sometimes hard to explain the benefits of a compact purpose-built camera to general selfie-stick-wielding public. Whether you like the solid, easy to hold feeling of a true camera, or the real optical zoom, and physical camera buttons, it's unlikely most people would understand. We do, however.

Our commitment to portable photography

Although phone cameras have gotten much better, they are still fairly far off from the convenience and usability of a decent compact camera, which is why we have designed a special range of compact camera cases to keep your investment protected from various calamities you may encounter on your next big adventure. Check out our range of shoulder packs which offer room for your compact, plus pockets for extra batteries, chargers, connector cables. Our Rockabetty range of trendy retro oil-cloth camera cases continue to be a popular item, as well as a variety of other styles to suit your needs. We are always improving our product range, so let us know what you think, and send us some of your best pictures. If you don't take pictures, it didn't happen!