Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases and covers

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Samsung S7 Edge

Design sorted

Many consider the S7 to be the best smartphone you can buy, so how does the curved-screen of it's new sibling measure up? Attracting the kind of fanfare that Apple gets for its smartphones is no easy feat, but Samsung knocks this one out of the park with a phone that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Pixel-perfect focus

The camera is the latest innovation, with what Samsung focus pixels, which are usually scattered throughout the display, the S7 Edge has a complete array, with every single pixel on the screen being a focus pixel, it's the fastest focus on the market, and achieves insanely vivid pictures even in very poor lighting conditions. It's only 12MP though, so there was clearly some tradeoff. The average user will probably not notice.

Watered down, it used to be a bad thing

Among the envyable features of the s7 edge includes a new Ip68 rating for water resistance. You no longer have to fear using the phone in the shower, rain, or that expensive accidental executive dunk in the toilet. This phone is the complete package.

More under the hood

Other specs include a fingerprint scanner for the security fanatics, expandable storage for digital pack-rats, and a 5.1in Super AMOLED screen with a quad-HD resolution at 535ppi. Top that off with either a Snapdragon 820 or xenos 8890 with 4GB of RAM, and you have a superphone that can easily outpace most laptops, with all the functionality and convenience of a curved back, palmable mobile package.

Downplaying downsides

Yes, like previous generations of phones, the edge is more expensive, with a more expensive curved screen and curved glass on both sides of the phone, it's little wonder it's a bit pricy. Pundits will not flench at an extra hundred bucks to get the absolute best Samsung has to offer. It's head-turning style that drives this market, and the s7 is a real eyeball magnet.

Handy dandy

Samsung has proven that a Curved glass back makes the difference in one-hand functionality in a large screen phone. The glass offers plenty of grip too vs the likes of brushed aluminium. With all that curved glass you'll want a case that fits and protects the design of your top of the range smartphone. Check out our extensive range of cases for the s7 edge and grab a case that fits your personal style and is worthy of the best smartphone you can buy.