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Apple iPhone 5s Cases, Wallets and Envelopes

Gold standard for Apple.

In September 2013 Apple Inc. introduced the Apple iPhone 5s on the market. The iPhone 5s, as expected, an impressive feat of engineering, made of high quality and set new standards in design and use. Therefore was his publication date, as always, much-awaited by many Apple enthusiasts - offered it but many great new software and hardware features: thin, ultra-light, combined with touch-ID, Apple's new fingerprint sensor, more sophisticated camera and wireless connection and to provided with a new, fast 64bit processor.

You have the power to know: You are indestructible. Always believe that, because you are gold.

Not only Tony Hadley of Spandau Balley sings about: Apple released the iPhone 5s not only in the color silver and gray space on the market, but also in a lavish gold, truly an eye-catcher! This elegant three chassis variants offered to the interested party at least a small selection, compared with the great wealth of options for iPhone 5c buyers.

What we have for you

Since the iPhone 5s undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphones in the world that there was an obligation for us to ensure that our product range for this is just as complex and varied as the people themselves who buy our products - and the icing on top of it: our lifetime warranty! We have hundreds of choices for you: from to ensure Covers classic to colorful to simple but elegant, or our Radian 3D screen protector the thinnest possible solution, optimal protection for your window viewing. Hinged Covers in a variety of colors or as the popular racing stripes look enhance the optical addition and protect your smartphone from everyday wear and tear. The continuation, as gently evolution of Auflapp Sleeves, is the In-Genius, the insertion and card holders has on their content with the "pull-tab feature" particularly quickly have access.

One of our most popular designs revolves around the classic men's wallet. Each of these purses has spacious compartments for bills and coins, multiple card slots, and storage compartment for receipts. There are different models, eg with magnetic closure, but also classic vintage style variants from real leather. For connoisseurs entitled to refinement and luxury, there is the premium "Alston Craig" product range. Through a combination of selected real leather in vintage style and classic pinstripe It gives you style and British understatement pure. Each Austin Craig (AC) sleeving is provided with an impressed Gütsiegel, the uniqueness of quality, style and Distingiertheit unobtrusive but unmistakable.

The only. For. You.

If you're looking for something really quite the special, personal, then you are on our proprietary Engraving and Personalization team in the best hands. You can display all our leather products through laser engraving, provided with a name or personal message in a variety of fonts.

Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue

If there is something to be an elegant and fashion-conscious lady, then you need more than just quality and outstanding product features to an iPhone 5s worthy to hold. Here are two more requirements into play: Style and style. As if it was a twist of fate, we can serve you here with our ladies wallet series, which was developed precisely for these claims. It comes in three variants: Rockabetty, polka or Hollywood Diva, all with magentischem pressure cap, and many, many provided additional compartments for cards, tickets, receipts. Rockabetty is a floral tribute to the retro chic. Polka is a stylish combination of either red or polka-dots against a white faux leather background. Finally, the Hollywood divas look, inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, comes up with Krododil relief.