Cool Mega Ice Cube Tray (6 x Giant Ice Ball Boulders) for Gin / Whisky / Drinks - 4.5cm - Green

Key Features
 Made from food grade silicone and PP
 Mould for 6 giant ice boulders
 To remove ice simply twist or push them from behind - they just pop out
 These slow-melting ice cubes have a large surface area that ensures that they melt much more slowly than ordinary ice cubes
 Helping your drinks stay cooler for longer without dilution

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  • ice ball sphere boulder maker silicone green 1
  • ice ball sphere boulder maker silicone green 2
  • ice ball sphere boulder maker silicone green 3
It’s all about the right ice for you gin, whisky or brandy. Why is this the right ice? Well given that each side is 4.5cm long, it has less surface area being one large piece compared to multiple smaller pieces that will melt quicker and dilute the drink.

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