Clean-Pad Genuine Leather Case Cover for The New Apple Ipad 3 (Retina) (Hd / 2012) - Black

Key Features
 Type-View case for Apple iPad & Retina handmade in genuine leather: black
 Secure tab for multiple positions: typing and viewing
 Incorporated cleaning pad || Full access to all the functions your iPad & Retina has to offer
 Secure Magentic closure to ensure iPad & Retina stays where it belongs, in our case! || Includes the "Stasis" feature to automatically put your iPad & Retina to sleep, when shut
 Soft micro-fibre interior to protect your screen || This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials – conditions apply

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  • Tuff-Luv Clean-Pad: Genuine Leather Case Cover for the New Apple iPad 3 (Retina) (HD / 2012) - Black
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Welcome the new Clean-Pad! We have designed a new style of case that will offer a small integrated cleaning cloth for your mucky screen! Fed up of the kids greasy fingers? Your partners streaks all over your HD screen? Can't see the woods for the trees? Well fear no more - the Clean-pad is here. You will find the cleaning pad is easily removed and replaced back into its position for when you deem it necessary to get back into the action!

Lets not overlook the other features of this case, the Type-View case will offer you as normal our best in complete protection for your device in the event of a drop and scuff, and look stylish with cutting-edge design! If you value your device you'll probably want to give it the best protection, then the Tuff-Luv Type-View design is a must-have for your Apple iPad & Retina!

Whether in your lap, on your desk, or on a coffee table, make the most of your tablet media capabilities with the brilliant Type-View case from Tuff-Luv! Anywhere you set it, the secure velcro tab will allow you to smoothly move your tablet from viewing or typing positions.

This great new case includes Tuff-Luv's latest "Stasis" feature to automatically put your iPad & Retina to sleep (when shut), making sure you conserve your battery power when you're on the move.

When not in use, your screen will be safely held against the soft micro-fibre material and held closed bu the discreet magnets.

A stylish high-quality leather cover to protect your iPad & Retina screen from nicks and scratches. Also, incorporated into the case is a clever little cleaning pad to wipe away all greasy fingerprints that fog up your screen.

This case is specially designed to fit both the Apple iPad 2 and the New iPad HD 2012.

This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials – conditions apply.

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