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Personalised 'Western' Genuine Leather Case Pocket Clip for Leatherman Ledger Nano S - Brown

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Key Features
Western Genuine Leather Pocket Clip in brown
Designed to fit Ledger Nano S
Includes pocket clip
Does not include the Ledger Nano S hardware
Shipping from 4 April
Keep your Ledger Nano S at the ready with our new western leather case from Tuff-Luv! We're a big fan of Cryptocurrency, and we want to keep your Ledger Nano S protected and free from scratches. The keyring included on the Ledger Nano S may be low profile, but it's a pain to use the tool while attached to your keys, and repeated contact with other metal items leaves the Ledger with a lot of scratches at the end of the day. Now you can avoid both these inconveniences with our custom-designed leather pouch, designed especially for the Ledger Nano S. Simply slide it into the simple and smartly designed single-piece thick leather sheath, and fasten securely into place with the popper snap. Pop open for fast and easy use without having to fiddle with disconnecting the keyring. Simple, and efficient, with amazing smell of fresh leather. Great for any serious outdoorsman.
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Grid NamePersonalised Leather Case for Leatherman Ledger Nano S - Brown
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