MountCase Power Plus Bike Kit for iPhone 6/6S +Waterproof Rainguard (Mtb + Road Bike)

Key Features
  iPhone 6 / 6s Shell can be removed from bike in seconds and used as a phone case, and / or attached to the car windscreen mount (bought separately - lookup Tigra MountCase Car Mount ) to act as a car GPS or added to our Tigra Armband (bought Separately) for
  Fully enclosed weatherproof ABS case with touch sensitive rainguard screen cover (suitable for light showers & heavy rain showers for a limited time)
  Can be mounted both Vertical and Horizontal should you desire / suitable for both road and Rigorous Mountain Bike activity
  includes: 4,000mAh form fitting battery case with plastic frame, MountCase in soft thermoplastic, RainGuard, Charging cable, Bike Strap mounting bracket, Allen key
  Camera, home button and touch screen buttons fully accessible / 1 year guarantee

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  • tigra-mountcase-power-plus-bike-kit-for-iphone-6-6s-plus 700 600 6zm7a
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  • tigra-mountcase-power-plus-bike-kit-for-iphone-6-6s-plus 700 600 6zm7c
How often have you been out on a ride and your phone dies? Well those days are over!
This is a 2 in one solution. Not only are you getting a more than double charge time integrated into your phone case - your getting a secure mounting onto any Bike (road or Mtb) - guranteed not to break off whilst in transit.
This case is designed specifically for the .
With the added 4,000 mAh battery you can more that double the phone's burn time.

With a built in Lightening connector the phone can be charged whilst inside the case. The case is made from shock absorbing soft thermoplastic that is easily attached or removed.

This case is compatible with all the MountCase mounts for your bike, car, am etc.

Supplied is a transparent RainGuard to protect against light showers. With the RainGuard fitted all the phones buttons, power, headphones and touchscreen are accessible.

Total weight excluding phone and RainGuard is 177g.

Whilst in the case alone our phone's screen will be protected if placed face down as the case edge it higher than the phone.

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