Cases for All-New 2014 Amazon Kindle Cases: Kindle (Touch) and Kindle Voyage

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Amazon Kindle cases have been a specialtiy of ours for the last few years. We've been covering and protecting your kindle for over 5 years nows. The latest range Kindle's offfer a great new range of features to suit your needs and we have the cases to give the them the love, style and protection they deserve.


With some great new improvements even the standard Kindle comes with Touch technology, making it a really affordable touchscreen reading experience. Your battery will now last in weeks making it the perfect companion for that holiday and the perfact opportunity to relax.

The brand new Amazon Kindle Voyage contains the latest generation paperwhite display, improved resolution and a new haptic touch fucntion in the bezel to turnt he page with only the lightest of touches.

Style Sells!

Colour and fashion sells! Some of us are a little fed up with staple white and black variations. Give us pinks, purple, florals, and blues! We all like fashionable cases, and this range for the Kindles comes in a great selection on styles materials and colours.

What we offer

Do you need a case? Off Course you do. Tuff-Luv cases offer great protection against bumps, drops and broken screens, although only our waterproof bags can save you, if you drop your Kindle down the loo or in your drink. We offer a great range; qaulity cases, cute cases or tough cases, to the high end Vintage leather wallets that our premium Alston Craig range offers.

What about a cool present or gift for your loved one? We offer a great range from the standard Gel cases, to the unusual gifts and accessories like the stylish Navajo. Or pick a style that might suit you such as our fashionable polka or floral ladies dsign, or a luxury gift such as our men's high end Alston Craig range., or Tuff-Luv vintage leather cases.


We offer the professional personalisation service for our genuine leather cases. Why not let us laser your name or message into the Amazon Kindle Voyage Case? It will make a perfect gift or present for him or her for that special occasion like fathers day, mothers day, birthday or a christmas. It shows you would have put some thought into the gift.