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  1. Christmas Gift Guide

    Christmas is upon us...

    The season of good will, mince pies, mistletoe, classic coke adverts and panic buying is here.

    If you want to take it all in your stride, order your whole gift list with us and have it delivered in time (just don't leave it too late).

    No matter what you need to buy we've got something for you to gift. We've listed our favourites here to choose from: Phone Wallets, Glassware, Hip flasks,

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  2. S9 is coming

    From all the rumours from CES this January it seems that we can expect the next big thing to come out of MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona in February 2018. So if you're thinking that your next phone might be an Android, then you many want to hold your horses and see what the new Samsung Galaxy S9 has to offer.

    You had better believe this is going to be a top end phone, with all the bells and whistles that Samsung could cram in. When you do make a purchase don't forget to check out our cases and wallets made from only the best genuine leather.

    Don't forget for more info, latest offers and plenty of offers, sign up to our newsletter here.

    You can also find us on Facbook and Twitter

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  3. Perfect Partners

    We all hate to imagine the worst, losing your phone, it's not just the device of course but it's the information it gives you access to. Nor forgetting the cost of it, phones aren't cheap, even some of the most standard smartphones might easily cost you several hundred to replace. That's why it's important to look to the future, to think how you can defend your phone against the worst. Firstly get yourself a glass screen protector, film screen protectors are a good way to avoid scratches, but if you want something that defend against drops, you really need to get a Tempered Glass one, these reinforced screen covers take the impact and distribute it. Mostly importantly the cab be removed and replaced easily, unlike your phone screen.

    Next comes the proper cover, the best protection comes from great coverage. Keeping your phone in a W

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  4. Active New Year?

    So now that the holiday season if truly behind us and we are staring down the barrel of 2018, you may be thinking what next?

    Perhaps you may decide to work off that holiday excess with a little light exercise. Remember to take it easy, you're much more likely to keep at it, if you set yourself a reasonable target. As ever we've got plenty of kit to help keep you outdoors. Whether you're cycling or running, we've got you covered.

    For the technophiles out there you are probably wearing a smartwatch which is a great way to track your progress, so you can see how well you're doing.

    However the best way to help yourself, is to get your friends involved, ask them, chase them, harass them into joining you. There's no better way than to ke

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  5. Christmas Crackers

    So, how was your Christmas 2017? We hope you had a good one, although we know that some time the reality of Christmas does not always meet the expectation .... Perhaps you were in a Secret Santa group, or got something truly awful from an Aunt? Well now is the time to salvage the holiday season. You can still take a wonder though our site though and see what takes your fancy, so you can treat yourself. Some of the lucky few might have gotten a new phone or tablet as a gift, as smart as your new device is, it's only good, so long as it's working. Getting it covered should be your first priority cases and tempered glass screen protectors are a must. You can check out some suggestions here, Tempered Glass Phone Protectors.

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  6. iphone 6 rumours

    With the release of the iPhone 5s / ios7 – Apple may have grasped the top spot again in the war of the smart phone (or at least so they think they have) ! Sporting their Fingerprint scanners, increased security, IOS7 (after many bug fixes!), Flappy Birds frenzy etc. – it was right up there with the Galaxy S4 .

    However along came Galaxy S5 - now a bonafida health gadget with the heart rate monitor! As always the case with Apple –

    what’s coming next? Unless they change their traditional announcement of September 2014 – There is a small chance of a special announcement in May / June to steal the show away from Samsung agai.

    So we are in Silly season of Cloak and Dagger! Latest rumour comes from 9to5 Mac who have found an "unverified image" showing an iPhone 6 thinner chasis with a larger 5-inch disp

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  7. Why You Need A Leather iPhone 5 Case

    These days a cell phone is more than a way to communicate, today it is a lifestyle tool that governs just about everything you do. Most people use their cell phones for work, family, and their own personal enjoyment. One device can easily be used for gaming, reading, viewing television or movies, phone calls, shopping, business, as a camera, internet browsing, and many more tasks. Given how many different things a smartphone can be used for, it is wise to protect your investment with a solid case that will keep your phone safe.

    After all, you are not only investing your money into the phone, but also your life. Most people contain just about every personal detail about themselves on their phone. This information can be hard to replace if your phone is damaged. However, with the right

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  8. Make Use of a Kindle Fire Case

    After many people purchase a Kindle Fire they will find an array of accessories that they can purchase to stylize their tablet. Some time after opening your Kindle Fire you probably asked yourself, "Why doesn't this come with a case?" The reason is because if it breaks the company knows that you will go out and buy a new one and that's more money for them; thus, they're not interested in giving consumers protective items. To help you from wasting more money, we offer Kindle Fire cases to ensure that you can enjoy your Kindle Fire without having to continuously purchase them over time.

    Tablet are not only a nifty accessory, but they're beneficial for maintaining the longevity of
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  9. Tuff Luv Requires Tuff Cases

    Face it, electronics are a hue way of life. As technology continues to advance society needs to constantly upgrade and buy new devices. One of the newest devices out, other than the revolving cell phones, is the e-reader. Any parent knows that there is no keeping your electronic device away from children; you children manage to always find a way to get a hold of these devices. The best defense against both children and accidents is a high quality case.

    Many are making the switch from paper in hand books to the more convenient and portable kindle. Even with the durability built into these newer e-readers accidents still happen. This makes it necessary to protect your investment
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  10. Try The Distinctive Leather Covers From Tuff-Luv

    Everyone needs a way to protect and keep the electronics that are so important to our everyday lives. But there is a specialty company that devotes itself to the needs of consumers for just about any device you may have. But they also have a line of products specially designed for the Apple products you carry, even if it's just a phone. All their products can be found to supply you with your heart's desire, colors galore and everything.

    Tuff-Luv makes a new generation leather case for the ipad and it fits some other models as well. Made of soft leather on the interior it has other features to die for. The ipad 3 cases will suit your taste for the delectable, and preserve your ipad too. This is a fashion statement to cure

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