UV400 Protection Sports Bike Glasses Sunglasses with Pack of 5 lenses (Cycling / Running)

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Key Features
 Stylish Sports Glasses
 Lightweight and flexible
 Comes with 5 lenses for various conditions
 Protects your eyes
 Includes a cases and cloth

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Looking cool and protecting your eyes. These Sports glasses are designed specially for sports. The lenses are PC bullet-proof, light weight, and do not easily break, as well as preventing over 95% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This sport sunglasses helps to keep wind and dust out of your eyes, and is perfect for outdoors bicycling, mountain-climbing, running, skating and more.

This kit includes 5 different types of lenses to be swapped out to suit your conditions.
- Grey lenses, absorbs any chromatography, so scenery will darken.
- Blue Lenses, improves the visual contrast and clarity, ideal for driving.
- Colour Lenses, mirror coating to help reflect visible light, most suitable for outdoor sports people.
- Yellow lenses, in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses help increase contrast and provide a more accurate view
- Clear lenses, to be used as goggles, to protect your eyes in dark winter conditions.

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