Garmin Approach G8

We love golf tech, but when it comes to golfing apps, there are none that surpass the speed and quality of a dedicated golfing GPS from Garmin.

Among our favourites is the Approach G8. It's a properly cool device, with a colour display, touch sensitivity, a wealth of features, and an ease of use that smartphone apps just can't match.

Our favourite of such features included the auto-course finder, which, having powered on the device, Garmin's software fixes your global GPS position and within 3 or so seconds loads up a map of the course you're standing on. Really impressive!

Oh, but you miss the flexibility of a phone app? Worry not, as with all garmin devices which use wireless connectivity, the Garmin Connect app for the Golf is a complete smartphone companion to manage your game data, and upload to the cloud. The approach aslo has built-in wifi network, so if your phone dies, or you don't have a laptop handy, you can still make sure everything is backed up to the cloud for later gloating and bragging rights.

To charge the G8, simply connect the provided usb micro cable to a laptop or wall adapter (not included), and you'll be good to go for another 15 hour stretch at full charge. The cable can also function for data transfer if your laptop or computer's bluetooth doesn't work.

To make the G8 more carry-friendly, Garmin sells a separate universal bag attachment, which clips on the back of the device. This seems like something that would have been great to include in the kit, as there are few other options aside from just stowing the G8 in a pocket.

Our innovative silicone cases fit the G8 both with and without the clip, so you can enjoy the extra confidence that comes with ensuring your device is protected from scratches and hard surface impacts, whether you decide to clip in on your belt, a bag, or just toss it in your pocket with your keys. We ship all cases with a free screen protector too, to keep your device scratch-free for its functional lifespan.