Garmin 510 case (Cycling)

Just try and stop us from taking to the road! As cycling enthusiasts, we are very excited to get our hands on a new Garmin 510 when it came out.

Although still lacking some of the Edge 800's mapping features, instead we recieved what seems to be an edge 500 with a bit more power under the hood, and size increase to match. The some awesome connection features which work in tandem with your smartphonem and a colour screen, we weren't suffering too badly, as the phone essentially filled in where the 800 left off.

Sporting an ANT+ and Bluetooth connection to our iPhone 6 and Note 4 test devices, we found the experience to be both pleasant and seamless, with a premium experience that was somewhat lacking in previous models.

In fact, this device is nearly perfect, were it not for the common frailties of any device which endures so much punishment from the open road. That is to say, you're going to need a case to protect your investment, and keep it scratch free.

You'll want access to all ports and of course, and an at-a-glance viewability that keeps your screen in sight, but also protected when the device is mounted on your bike, or tossed in with luggage. This is why we've included a screen protector in the package, and made sure the silicone in our cases is thick and durable on the sides, while supporting quick mount/dismount onto the bike mount, you will no doubt want to use with your device. Device bounces harmlessly when dropped on hard surfaces, and the first time you drop it, you'll know the minor investment in protection was worth every penny.

We love the Garmin 510, and thus we are proud to present to you our line of cases for it. Apply the included screen protector for that extra bit of protection that will keep your device looking its best for the long and rugged road ahead. Happy cycling!