Garmin 1030

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Garmin 1030 cases

The Edge 1000 replacement gets bigger screen and battery, even more connectivity. Priced at £500 the device is not cheap, so you need to take care to protect it.

Check our range of Basic essential skins,aswell as our new DubilUp Twin skin range - you cant go wrong!

With great screen resolution, large display with a touch screen that we've found to be far more sensitive than previous generations, there is a lot to like about this full-blown cycling computer. Of particular interest to us are the features that guide you along routes where the most cycling paths exist. This combined with the ability to dictate how far the journey should be are features that changed our experience and views on what a proper GPS should be.

All ports are accessible to ensure that the case does not interfere with the speed and cadence sensors that come in the kit (And trust us, you will definitely want to use those!).

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