The Original Bike I.C.E Bike Band

Why do I need this?


We all know how dangerous our roads are whilst cycling! Picture the scene - your involved in an accident, and knocked unconscious! The medics arrive and have to offer first respondent’s first aid. They don’t know what allergies you have (if any!) You forgot to put on that dreaded ICE wrist band this morning! 

This scene is all too common. Furthermore, they want to notify your next of kin to advise the situation, but your unable to speak, and your phone is locked and doesn’t have any emergency contact details setup. 


The Ice Bike Band - a simple solution made by a cyclist, for cyclist. 

It contains all this info in an easily identifiable position on the bike with clear instructions .. open in case of emergency with the international medical alert sign clearly visible.

It’s simple and cheap, a no brainer. Put it on and forget

Never ride without it.

Ride in confidence with it