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    Personalised Velo Pouch #31 Leather Cycle Bike Bag - Black (Compatible With All 4.3" - 5.5" Phones

    Personalised Velo #31 Faux Leather Cycle Bike Bag -Black Up to 5.5"

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Velo Pouch #31

Velominati rule #31 states Rule #31/

Spare tubes, multi-tools and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets

Look no Further than our Velo Pouch 31 for a fashionable Solution. It's an old school meets new school idea. The ability to keep you phone dry and secure - yet still be able to use it, as well as store all the gear you need to deal with your mishaps on the road!

So what can you get in the bag? It's the Dr. Who Tardis solution! 2 inner tunes, 2 CO2 canisters, 2 levers, 1 multi-tool, patches, Bank cards, Money and off course just about any phone on the market! All wrapped in a stylish top grade outer leather.

What's more we are able to personalise it for you with just about anything you want on there!

Look no further than the Velo Pouch #31 for the ultimate riding phone and accessory storage solution.

Will fit into just about any back jersey pocket