(Antenna Assist) Apocalypse Silicone Skin Case Cover for Apple Iphone 4 / 4G / 4S - Guardian & Topcoat Screen Protection

Key Features
 Slip your player under the skin in seconds
 Specially treated with anti-static coating
 Removes the antenna degradation caused by contact with the hand
 Topcoat screen protection system is included
 Apocalypse motif laser screened onto the back of the case

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  • Tuff-Luv (antenna assist) Apocalypse Silicone skin case cover for Apple iPhone 4 / 4G / 4S - Guardian & Topcoat screen protection
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Through the bogs and mountainous regions of time immemorial strides an ancient power. Earth, sea and air are home to these protectors of old, these sentinels of the minds deepest terrors and ultimate fantasies. Possess the power, and don the crest of the dragon. Protect your player with this original dragon seal made exclusively for the Apocalypse line of Tuff-Luv cases.

Slimmed down version silicone case. Not too bulky - practical and functional. Slip your player in easily. Keep it well protected.

Topcoat screen protection kit to keep your screen clean and unscratched is included.

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