Apocalypse Faux Leather Pull-E Slip Case Cover for Apple iPhone / 3G / 3G S - Black/Red (Guardian)

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Key Features
 Quickly access your phone using the handy pull-tab
 Elegant case handmade in high quality artificial leather
 Soft yet strong and hard wearing
 Lifetime guarantee
 Designer case from the Apocalypse range

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  • Apocalypse Faux Leather Pull-E slip case cover for Apple iPhone / 3G / 3G S - Black/Red (Guardian)
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It's easier than ever to catch that call or change the tune! These form-hugging pull-tab cases ensure a snug fit to your device while featuring an innovative pull-tab for trouble-free access. Getting a call, need to change the song? Just pull the tab and the interior strap lifts and frees the device from the snug case for quick and easy removal.
Push your set back into the case and the strap easily slides back into place automatically, ready for the next pull!
Carry convenience, with a sleek look and pull-tab feature that will turn heads.

Through the bogs and mountainous regions of time immemorial strides an ancient power. Earth, sea and air are home to these protectors of old, these sentinels of the minds deepest terrors and ultimate fantasies. Possess the power, and don the crest of the dragon. Protect your player with this original dragon seal made exclusively for the Apocalypse line of Tuff-Luv cases.

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