Alston Craig Harris Tweed Case Cover Sleeve for Apple iPad Pro 12.9" - Grey / Pink

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Key Features
 Hand-made Alston Craig case (Vintage Style): pink for iPad Pro 12.9"
 From the Kenneth Mackenzie Mill in Scotland, and 100% hand-made luxury Harris Tweed
 Convenient and simple sleeve with durable foam padding and scratch-preventing soft interior materials
 Comes with zip closure and internal pocket for cables and loose items
 With money back guarantee and additionally, a one year manufacturer's warranty

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Traditional Tweed, with a tasteful hint of pink. This tweed case has been specially designed to fit your Apple iPad Pro 12.9" like a glove, this case offers no less than fantastic traditional styling, keeping your iPad Pro 12.9" great looks and great protection.

There's a lot be said for a luxury mobile experience. Taking along quality high-tech gear is why you've invested in your high-end Apple tablet, and if you're like us, your demands of a case it are just as high. This is why we use genuine luxury pink leather and design in-house to bring you unparalleled style and sophistication.

Across the waters from Scotland lies a small barren island, Harris. Over 150 years ago the local islanders created a unique tweed cloth, entirely woven by hand, that has become well known and sought after the world over as Harris Tweed. Traditionally the local wool is washed and coloured with the dyes from local plants scraped from the rocks of the island, each plant yielding its own particular colour. The tweed, being the only fabric in the world to be protected by an act of parliament, was given its famous orb mark, and protected under the custodianship of the Harris Tweed Authority - which lays down strict guidelines for the manufacturing process. Each cloth must be woven by hand in the homes of the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra. Every 50 yards is inspected and approved by the authority before it’s stamped with the orb mark.

You can feel it. From the moment you first lay hands upon the glorious genuine vintage leather of your Alston Craig case, it's an experience like no other. Take everything you love about an antique leather sofa, combine it with wonderfully tactile interior cloth materials, a flawless seam and premium metal detailing, and put it in a package that fits in your hands. Such is the essence of every Alston Craig case. It is simply all the comforts of home, wherever you travel. hands on that gorgeous vintage leather.

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