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4 way Freestanding 2pcs Office / School / PolyCarb / Acrylic Desk Divider 4mm

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Key Features
point1QUALITY: -Protect your workers with our portable 3mm acrylic Desk shields. help reduce exposure and cross-contamination.Acrylic resin shield for transparency and resistance to shattering, impacts, and most non-abrasive cleaners
PROTECTIVE FILM: -To ensure no damage to acrylic, it comes with a protective film on both sides that need peeling off
EASY ASSEMBLY: -Easy to assemble, and easy to use in many office / work environments. 2 Feed secure the panel on the base
CLEANING: -Please do not use detergents or generic cleaning products, it will damage the material. For best results sue use soap and water
CAUTION: Do not place in direct sunlight - the acrylic may warp of temperatures of over 50 degrees are attained
Feature: can be installed easily when a sanitary environment is required in the scene such as reception window counter etc. Appeal to safe and secure. Caution This product is made of resin (acrylic). Do not give strong impact. There are fears of breakage. Also, please use this product at a place below 50 degrees Celsius. There may be deformation when it becomes hot. Please do not place in direct sunlight. Maintenance
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Grid Name4 way Freestanding 2pcs Office/School/PolyCarb/Acrylic Desk Divider 4mm
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