Uni-Sex Winterflake Touch Screen Gloves for Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Samsung, Htc , Nokia , Samsung and Other Smartphones, Pda'S & Sat Navs, Coffee

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Key Features
 Material: 80% nylon 15% spandex 5% conductive fiber, colour: Coffee
 Fit of all touch screen devices
 one size fits all !
 available in a range of other colours and styles
 Comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, One year warranty

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Our touch screen gloves are great for operating any touch sensitive devices (phones and tablets alike). How annoying is it when you're in the cold and you have to take off your gloves to operate your phone! With winter being as long as it is - why not try some of our trendy / fashionable gloves. Stand out in a crowd of cold fingers! Keep these gloves on whilst using your phone at all times till you get out of the cold
One size fits all!

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