Ultimo Sports Mp3 Armband Sportsband (Pink) - for Small Mp3 Players Microsoft Zune (2Gb/4Gb/8Gb)

Key Features
 Soft inner lining for maximum comfort
 Clean lines & solid stitching - guaranteed not to come loose
 2 earphone ports left and right to accommodate any MP3 player
 Fixed clear plastic sheet leaves your MP3 visible
 Simply styled headphone cord wrap takes up slack || Lifetime guarantee

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  • GeeBee Ultimo Sports Mp3 armband Sportsband (Pink) - for Small mp3 players Microsoft Zune (2GB/4GB/8GB)
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The coolest looking armband on the block - Tough, Groovy, Functional, light ... and i-nique!
Keep your device accessible while your run, walk, skydive, and sleep!
Tight and secure fit for all smaller MP3 players / phones up to a measurement of 100 mm x 45 mm x 16 mm.

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