Vivofit accessories

Garmin Vivofit straps

Our model came with the heart rate monitor, which is the (slightly) more expensive version. We would like to see a version with backlight, vibration, and GPS in the future, since it is hard to read in dim light, does not feature vibration alerts, and although tracks an estimated distance traveled, does not transmit any path data to the app, like other Garmin products do.

This is not to say that the band is featureless or unusable. One of the major benefits of the simplicity of the design is the ridiculously long battery life (measured in months instead of days).

The Connect App, which, if you are familiar with other Garmin products, you will already be familiar with, is in-fact the same, and supports multiple connections, so you can supplement the GPS data with your GPS mounted to your bike (see our reviews of the 510, 810, 1000, and Virb Elite) and track overall fitness in one convenient place. Indeed, the app makes this simple device feel much more like a premium product, and overall, there was very little to complain about. We in addition to leaderboard access, we enjoyed the Auto Goal feature most, as the app will take data from the Vivofit and intelligently set new fitness goals based on your activities.

Since they was nice enough to leave fidly electronic bits out of the wristband, we decided to make a few more options for all of our fellow Garmin-addicts out there, with a range of colourful bands that, like the Vivofit, is completely waterproof up to 60m.