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How To Look Stylish and Be Safe, at the Same Time

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 01:16:18 Europe/London

Great Leather iPad Mini Case

You’ve invested in an iPad mini, but not in a leather iPad mini case. The first few days, you carry your tablet to work, to dinner, even to your friends’ house, where you spend Friday evening chatting online while your significant other socializes with your friends. Every so often she glares at you from across the room, but you don’t notice. You’re checking email on your iPad mini.

Until a week later, when, as you’re climbing out of the car and trying to check email at the same time, you drop it. You watch as it clatters off the car door and smashes on the driveway. The protective cover from Apple does a fine job of protecting the screen from scratches, but it’s not much help now that the device lies broken on the pavement.

With the iPad mini broken, you have nothing left to do but face your significant other’s wrath. You don’t want to be that guy.

The good news is that you can avoid his fate. Here are three good reasons why you need a leather ipad mini case:

  1. It’s functional. Fold back the front cover, and the flap forms integrated kickstand to prop up the iPad mini at a perfect viewing angle for Facetime or for watching videos. Or, for one-handed reading, a recessed strap allows you to hold and read your iPad mini in one hand, without cramping your fingers.
  2. It’s safe. A thin plastic film can’t save your device when you drop it on the driveway, but a leather case boasts enough padding to protect it from harm—without adding too much bulk.
  3. It’s sexy.Straight from of the box, the iPad mini transfers its cool, stylish image to you. The only one way to look more hip is by wrapping your device in leather.

Come to think of it, that last item is the most important. Picture yourself holding your tablet clad in a sophisticated handmade vintage-look leather case. It feels warm, soft, something to curl up with in front of the fireplace, and it makes you look like the distinguished soul that you are. When your coworkers see the leather book-like binding, they won’t know whether you’re reading Kierkegaard or playing games.

And, really, isn’t that the secret to sophistication?
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Give your iPad mini a little luv

Monday, 22 July 2013 01:00:48 Europe/London

Cute iPad mini embrace case

First a bang on the floor, then a painful moment of truth…. oh great you smashed your iPad mini screen and its time to get it fixed. Last year, in the middle a great streaming movie my dog, Sparky jumped on the bed and tried to snuggle up with me. Things were great until Sparky started wagging her tail. A moment later the iPad mini, which was obviously too close to the edge of the bed went crashing down onto the floor. Of course it was smashed.

There are reasons to protect the devices that you love. We now live in a world where we are virtually dependent on our devices for our schedules, our contacts, and our communications. Our devices help us be more productive and serve as tools bring us super cool apps like Angry Birds.

That is where Tuff-luv.com comes in, by selling the absolute best iPad mini case as well as so many other products to protect your laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, and more.

If you have ever had to fix a computer or tablet screen you know that it’s extremely costly. The choice is to either pay a company, such as Apple to do it for you for about $150 dollars or you can do it yourself. The do it yourself method is over rated. After buying what you think you need to do the repairs at an online auction it seems likes it’s going to be a breeze. But what usually starts off as a cracked piece of glass can easily mushroom into a larger cracked screen and disconnected wires problem. Sometimes the device needs to be replaced after your hard work. For whatever reason the button on my device never really worked properly again.

The iPad Mini is such an awesome device that it deserves that absolute best case, which is why at Tuff Luv we carry a great selection. From cases that make your tablet stand up, to a personalized vintage leather cases, to the “embrace” cases that give you a way of securely holding the device in your hand, Tuff-luv has a case to fit everyone’s needs. All you have to do is decide what the best iPad Mini case is for you.

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Great iPad Mini Case

The iPad mini may be smaller than the full-size iPad, but it's no less an investment to be protected. There are many factors to consider when shopping for an iPad Mini case. Impact resistance and protection from environmental dangers like food, drink, or a child with dirty fingers are at the top of the list of features needed in a good case.

In addition to protection, there are many other questions to consider when picking the best case for your needs. Does the case have an open-style or a zippered closure? Keep in mind that iPads need plenty of circulation for cooling. Do it have a stand for watching video? Are all buttons and ports accessible when the case is in place? And, of course, perhaps as important as protection, does it look good? Often cases are designed to be pretty or protective, but not both. But, finding the right iPad Mini case, with a balance of both style and sturdiness, is easy with Tuff-Luv cases.

A Tuff-Luv case is designed for impact protection first and style second. You can be confident your iPad Mini will survive impact and environmental dangers while expressing your personal style. Tuff-Luv offers a variety of anything-but-ordinary cases to please every taste. You don’t have to sacrifice protection or function for style.

The eco-minded will enjoy a choice of sustainable materials: leather, neoprene, cloth, hemp, and tweed.

Vegans can choose from several animal-free options: plastic, neoprene, faux-leather, hemp, oil-cloth, and tweed.

Business professionals will love the vintage leather and faux leather cases. They offer a sophisticated style and tough protection, along with the functional features professionals require. Kick stands on the Embrace Pro model make it easy to view video in either portrait or landscape mode. The recessed band is perfect for commuters who prefer secure, one-handed use. This keeps the other hand free for important things like morning coffee.

Anyone who enjoys feminine style is going to love the floral patterns and polka dots offered in oil cloth and vintage designs in faux leather. The options for expressing your personal style are endless - there’s even a Union Jack case for the punk rocker or the Anglophile!

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More Than a Case

Friday, 19 July 2013 22:51:26 Europe/London

Vintage Black Leather

The iPhone 5 is a great phone. The network connection is fast and dependable and the phone itself is thin and sleek. While the thinness of the phone is great when it's in you pocket, it also causes the iPhone 5's biggest issue: the fragility of the screen. If you drop this phone even once, the screen is almost sure to shatter. And not just crack, completely, utterly, spider-web shatter. With some phones you can get by without buying a protective case, but this is not true for iPhone 5s. And if you have to spend the money to buy an case for your phone, wouldn't you rather go all out and buy one that is durable, dependable, and classy? That's want I thought

Tuff-Luv provides the best cases for iPhone 5s because they only use the best materials and care deeply about the quality of their product. They use many different materials for their case: plastic, aluminium, gel, fabric, but they don't do anything as well as leather. There are three styles of leather iPhone 5 cases and they are flip style, in-Genius style, and wallet style.

The flip style case is the sleekest leather case Tuff-Luv has for the iPhone 5. It is simply a leather back case that has a screen cover connected at the bottom that can be folded in front and in back of the phone.

The wallet style is the classiest style Tuff-Luv has for leather iPhone 5 cases. It folds like a bi-fold wallet with the right side holding your phone and the left side containing slits for your money, cards, identifications, and anything else you keep in your wallet. The wallet case contains four cards slits, a money pouch, and pen holder, along with being a strong, durable case for your iPhone five.

The In-Genius style case is a combination of the other two Tuff-Luv iPhone 5 cases. It flips like a flip style case, but instead of the screen cover being bare like on the flip, it contains slits for your money and cards. The In-Genius case only has three wallet slits, it is the best of both worlds, because it is sleek while also functioning as a wallet and a phone case.
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Protect Your Investment with the Best iPhone 5 Cases

Thursday, 18 July 2013 22:47:27 Europe/London

Blue Aluminum Case

Anyone with an iPhone knows that the phone is an investment. After all, it is not a cheap phone and unfortunately despite gorilla glass like any smartphone they are susceptible to damage. For this reason, if you want to keep your iPhone safe you have to spend some time looking at the best iPhone 5 cases. Before spending hundreds of dollars on the upgrade, make sure you have your own upgraded case in hand to protect that investment.

The first thing that you need to look at when it comes to choosing an iPhone case is how durable it is. The temptation for plenty of people is to choose an iPhone case that is attractive, and there is nothing wrong with this. It is only natural that you want your iPhone 5 to continue to look sleek and trendy after you place a case on it, but you want to make sure that you are not choosing a case based on appearance alone. If it is not going to protect your phone then you are not any farther ahead.

Instead, you should start by searching for iPhone cases that are strong, durable, and shatter resistant. Once you narrow down your choices to a solid case there will be plenty of time left to pick out the most attractive case from this selection. Keep in mind that the stronger the case the less chance of any type of damage occurring.

You also need to think about the spacing on any iPhone case that you pick out. You want to pick out a case that has a slot or opening for the main power key, the charging slot, and of course your camera. While you might think these are standard issue, the cheaper knock-off companies will frequently try to sell customers general cases that are not actually made to be used with the iPhone. Don’t be fooled.

If you find a case that has all of the above attributes and more then you will know that you are checking out some of the best iPhone 5 cases on the internet. By sticking to this selection you can rest assured that you will get the protection and the convenience that you should from your phone and case.

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Beauty or Brawn? The Perfect iPhone5 Case for You

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 22:39:03 Europe/London

Slim Black Gel Case iPhone5

Choosing the perfect iphone 5 case is a matter of personal taste. However, there are some things you should keep in mind while making your decision. All iphone 5 cases have the basic function of protecting it from damage. How you intend to use your iphone 5 should guide you in choosing the best iphone 5 case for you.

Iphone 5 cases come in a variety of styles and materials. Shell cases are a popular style that protect against physical damage. Shell cases are typically plastic or aluminum and provide a hard shell that protects your iphone 5 from scratches and keeps the touch screen from being damaged when dropped. The clip-on cases are slightly deeper than an iphone 5, keeping the screen from touching anything when placed or dropped facedown. The cases are also easy to keep clean by simply wiping them with a soft cloth. If your iphone 5 will be moved around and left on several different surfaces, a shell case would be a good choice. Shell cases also come in several different styles and colors, allowing you to personalize your iphone 5.

Other shell cases incorporate a hard outer covering with a softer, silicone gel layer. The silicone gel provides a cushion for your iphone 5, acting as a shock absorber if it is accidentally dropped. Combining a hard shell with a silicone gel layer not only protects your iPhone5 from scratches, but from the physical shock of dropping or hitting.

Other available cases offer more functionality. Leather and suede wallet style cases are also available that include slots for credit cards, driver’s licenses and cash. These cases combine your wallet with your phone case, allowing you to carry all of your important documents in one.

Water-resistant cases are available for those wishing to take their iphone 5 with them while being wherever they go. These cases completely cover you iphone 5 and protect them against water and the environment. These cases can be used when doing outdoor activities, poolside, or exercising.

The perfect iphone 5 case should make a statement about your personal style and protect it while your are doing everything you love to do. It may not be the best iphone 5 case for everyone, but it will be for you.

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Dreaming of Electric Chic

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 00:18:00 Europe/London

Great Leather Black Casing

A common scene, seeing a beautiful, trendy young woman at a luxurious dinner party. Schmoozing with other trendsetters, enjoying the flowing wine, and engaging in relaxing conversation. As she pulls out her iphone, her conversational partners nearly gasp at the site of it: It's a shattered iphone. Now she's become the topic of conversation, of course the subject now is. . ."What happened to your phone?" If she had a leather iphone 5 case covering and protecting her iphone from all sorts of iphone hazards throughout the day, this situation would have been vastly different. Not only would her phone have been protected by being placed tightly in a leather iphone 5 case, She would have been the subject of a different type of conversation. That being, "Wow, your phone looks wonderful!"

Now, no one wants to have to carry a shattered iphone around. It looks shoddy and embarrassing. Even though people aren't saying this, they are thinking "Maybe this person isn't as put together as I thought." With a leather iphone, not only would this person have a great, clean-looking iphone, they would also have people thinking "that leather iphone case looks great, maybe I should talk to them and figure out where they got it." Thus starting a great conversation, which could lead to making some great connections, which could lead to even greater and greater things.

Ok, so now that you've decided to at least slightly entertain the idea of transforming your precious iphone into a leather iphone case, you've got to decide what color the case will be. Will you go for a business-y, serious-yet-sleek black to go with your work attire? Or will you go bold, and pick up a fiery red? Are you going for the cool look and want to pick up an ocean blue leather iphone case? Or are you looking for something that will compliment your rebellious streak? Whatever you're looking for, whatever feel, and image you want to portray, one thing is certain, Your iphone will be safe with a leather iphone case.

We at Tuff luv cases only care for providing you with the best in quality, practicality, and looks. You want iphone protection? Check out our leather iphone cases. You want iphone protection and a style that says "I'm coming up in the world, take a good look while you can"? Then feel free to choose an array of styles that will fit your needs, whatever they are. Feel free to contact us today! We'll have you stylin' in no time! Don't just dream of Electric Chic, BE the Electric Chic, with Tuff luv cases.

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Choosing the right case for my iPhone 5

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 22:32:31 Europe/London

Cool Apple Iphone Purse Case With the increased popularity of the Smartphone and the fact that the devices are not exactly low cost, users must take extra precautions to protect them. Many people take out the insurance on the phone, while others believe that one of the iPhone 5 cases will cover them for most accidents. For those who are still on the fence on whether they need a case for their phone, here are a few reasons why a case is important.

The majority of Smartphone users live fairly busy lifestyles, whether they are students, housewives with kids to care for, or parents that have a great deal of responsibilities at their job. With all of this going on, it is easy to see a phone slip out of your hand and hit the floor, which usually means that something will get damaged. There are instances when the phone may be saved from serious damage by a carpet taking the majority of the impact, however, if that fall is on to a concrete floor or some other kind of solid structure, chances are that the screen will shatter, or some other kind of damage will take place.

An iPhone case is one way to cushion the impact and provide the phone with a fighting chance of survival. An iPhone case is also a tried and true method for protecting the device from scratches and possible dents. These instances may not be caused by you but could arise out of someone, other than yourself, (like a child) grabbing the phone and passing it on to you. The Device may not make it to the floor, but it might end up with a scratch without a iPhone case. As important as it is to the protection of your iPhone device, a case has other purposes to the user. These cases come in all styles and colors, leaving nothing to the imagination, in fact many iPhone users have been known to purchase more than one case, just so they can match with the clothes they wear. Some iPhone users may not want to use a case on their new phone, a fact they may end up regretting later on. These users may not be fully aware of all the different iphone 5 cases that are available to them, or they still have not seen anything that suits their style. The bottom line, if you want to protect your iPhone, use a case.

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Keep Your iPhone Safe and Stylish with a Darling Cover!

Monday, 15 July 2013 22:30:19 Europe/London

Vintage Leather Wallet

The iPhone 5 has caused a huge stir in the electronic world, due to its easy control, elegant design, and funky style. We at Tuff-Luv have a variety of different iPhone 5 cases that should fit perfectly into anyone's cool, unique style. They come in three different types.

The Spunky In-Genius
One of our most popular products is the In-Genius iPhone 5 case. This cute little guy is designed to keep all your essential items in one spot, including a pull-tab for instant access to cards and cash. Access your phone controls with the case cutaways. The In-Genius iPhone 5 case is small enough to fit in a pocket, or slide easily into a variety of different purses and bags. Many In-Genius cases allow you to pick personalized text, which lets you create whatever fun or funny message you want. Its tough “vintage” genuine leather comes with a screen protector designed to keep it safe.

The Classy Wallet
Hide your iPhone 5 from prying eyes with a iPhone 5 Wallet from Tuff-Luv. All our Wallets are designed to be nearly indistinguishable from a real wallet. Flip it open to get complete access to your screen at all times. Built-in slots give you a place to put your cash and cards, including your driver's license. An easy-to-install clip-on shell helps keep it safe from the elements, while also emphasizing its classy toughness. All Wallets come with a free choice of text and font etched on the side.

The Practical Shell
Our selection of light weight iPhone 5 shell cases are built to be tough, yet inexpensive. Each has an outer shell made from factory tested polycarbonate. Each Shell comes with its own unique motif, each designed to be appropriate for each iPhone 5. One of our most popular motif's is “graphic equalizer,” a motif that gives your shell a futuristic look. All shells come with an easy to install screen protector, that keeps your iPhone 5 free from scuffs, scratches, and stains.

Lifetime Guarantee
All our cases are built out of the highest quality leather, silicone, gel, and suede. They are built tough, and should last you a life time. All Tuff-Luv products come with a lifetime guarantee. If yours starts to fall apart, due to circumstances you haven't caused, just send it right back and we'll either give you your money back, or a new case.
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Fun Cases for the iPhone 4

Sunday, 14 July 2013 00:30:02 Europe/London

Leather Case iPhone 4

If you're looking for a new iphone 4 case peel your eyes open for Tuff Luv. These iphone 4 cases are easily found at Tuff Luvand as the slogan states, they are more than just a case. They are marked The Best Leather Phone and Silicone iphone 4 case you can find. When stumbling across this site you can find a great variety of cases as the color varies so does the feel and style of each case. There is a huge demand for these cases as they are as they are named Tuff but Luv'd by so many. There is a phone case for everybody on this site for example there is a case that looks like a wallet but with storage for your iphone. Protect the lifestyle that fits you, very well said as many people find themselves living only due to their phone and as people make their phone their lives they find their selves needing a tough and sturdy case often times that fit their lifestyle. Theres no reason that if you own a smart phone or iphone you should find a reason not to get one of these phone cases.

The expansion of styles and phones these cases can fit is phenomenal. On the site you can find cases for popular devices such as ipad3, ipad mini, Kindle, Galaxy S3, iphone 5, Fire HD, etc. Cases made from leather, silicone, croc, and hemp show that style is definitely a factor in the creation of these cases. There are secret garden named cases. Cases made for flight and some that are just simply crafty such as the In-Genius or the FOLIATIA, the Polka Hot, the Vintage or the Union Jack. These are just a few of the cases available on the site. Some people may spend hours on this site deciding which one to get and who can blame them because there are so many that may fit one person. There are videos on the site to help explain the product or to promote new product. At the bottom of the site theres a section called Evolution of Tuff-Luv Case Design that explains how the company started in 2006 and that alone is what makes this company a pioneer in fashion of smart-phone and iphone cases as well as tablet cases. If I need a case or anybody I know needs a case I will definitely recommend Tuff Luv!
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