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In the Know: Best iPhone 4 Cases

Saturday, 21 September 2013 21:37:54 Europe/London

find the best iphone 4 cases here

There’s nothing quite as disheartening as the sound of your iPhone hitting the hard ground when it is unprotected. Your heart sinks, your eyes close, and you hold your breath until you pick it up to check for damages. With the right case on your iPhone you can rest much easier knowing it is protected. The following article talks about the best iPhone 4 cases available, and how no one should be without one.

Some of the competition’s best iPhone 4 cases available now are pretty costly, not to mention absolute eyesores. With our uniquely styled cases you get both the protection you need for your mobile device and stylish profiles to compliment any look or fashion. There are many styles and colors to choose from, all priced competitively. Compared side-by-side, our cases beat the competition, hands down. Your friends will wonder where you got such a nice case for your iPhone; you will wonder how they live without one for their own.

We have everything from sleek silver cases to patent faux croc, in an array of stunning colours. Never get your phone confused with that of someone else’s. Dress your iPhone for success while keeping it safe from accidental drops or wet weather elements. These cases are specifically designed to fit your Apple iPhone 4, with a soft micro-fibre inside to protect the screen. The case is non-intrusive on your screen; you still have full access to all iPhone functions with ease to reach the power, volume and main buttons and camera openings. Perhaps the most unique case we have to offer for the iPhone 4/4S is the wallet style case with magic grip panel in “Vintage” genuine leather. The semi-adhesive panel inside is to secure your phone inside the wallet without hampering access to your phone at all; your phone stays put inside the wallet when you need it to, then slides right out if necessary. The clip-on shell with magnetic clasp closure also includes a free screen protector and offers complete access to the screen while protecting the entire device. This wallet includes slots and pockets for your credit cards and cash; it is perfect for carrying all essentials without the bulky pockets-full feeling everywhere you go.

Whether your taste is more conservative or more dressed up and on the town, we have a stylish case to fit your iPhone 4 and your lifestyle. Never again worry about the security of your Apple iPhone device; our cases have you covered. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and quality, and back that up with a lifetime guarantee for all workmanship and materials (conditions apply). There is also free world-wide shipping available on these cases. Don’t go another day worried about your phone. With a case from our top of the line selection, you simply cannot go wrong.

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The Best iPhone 4 Cases Serve Multiple Purposes!

Friday, 20 September 2013 21:32:20 Europe/London

amazing best iphone 4 cases

Many types of technological items that we use every single day of our lives are not very durable, and in fact end up breaking. This isn't bad if the item in question is a small thing such as a watch or battery charger. However, when you spend hundreds of dollars on something like an iPhone and then drop it, or throw it, or accidentally break it somehow, you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Replacing items like that is not easy and definitely not a thing that most people ever want to think about or have happen.

This is the reason why it is always good to know exactly where to get the best iPhone 4 cases on the internet. This not only makes it possible to order a new case as soon as you get a new phone, but you can also order backup cases and switch them out. The possibilities are basically endless. Have a friend that you care for and want to get the person a gift? Get them an iPhone case! It will eventually end up saving them a huge deal of stress and money if they accidentally drop their phone on the ground.

Tuff-Luv knows that you definitely love your iPhone 4. Not only is your phone the item that allows you to keep in contact with your friends, family, and coworkers, it is also the item that you use to read books, check the internet, play games, and do anything else that you can possibly think of. Having this item get destroyed is devastating and the reason that Tuff-Luv creates wonderful cases for you to buy. These cases are also beautiful and can feature some things that you enjoy emblazoned on them, so be sure to check out all the great deals before going somewhere else. The few days you'll have to wait in order to receive the item in the mail are worth it.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a case that will protect your phone is to also realize that iPhone 4 cases serve a dual purpose. Not only will you be able to use the case to keep the phone safe, it also doubles as a wallet! This means that you no longer have to have a huge and bulky phone in one pocket and a wallet in the other. The best iPhone 4 cases are the ones that combine these into one.

If you want a great case that is beautiful and functional, you need to get the Personalized Vintage Leather Magic Grip Wallet Style Case Cover. This also doubles as a screen protector so your phone won't get scratched. The price depends on what time of year buy it, but you won't get a better deal anywhere else. The adhesive panel built into this grips your phone so it doesn't slide away, and it comes with a button clasp to keep the contents secure. Once your purchase goes through you can also get a personalized font and lettering put on it so that you know it is yours if others have the same item.
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The best iPad 3 cases can be found at Tuff-Luv!

Thursday, 19 September 2013 21:28:44 Europe/London

best ipad3 cases around

Buying an item such as an iPad is definitely not a thing that a person should ever do if he or she is clumsy. This is because items like this that cost hundreds of dollars are not really easy to replace. However, you can easily get insurance on an item like this and not need to worry about it breaking, but, that can be expensive too. Price is often what causes people to not want to get these items because they don't think the item is really worth it. But, it is worth it if you get the proper case for said item and a way to make sure that you never drop it!

Tuff-Luv.com is the best place to look for a case if you need one. Although they do sell cases for a myriad amount of items like iPhones, Kindles, Samsungs, and more, the main focus right now is that you need to realize they have some extraordinary cases for an iPad. It is true that the best iPad 3 cases are going to be just as large as the iPad itself, which does make perfect sense, but that does not mean that the case has to be nearly the same price. If you shop smart and use the benefits of Tuff-Luv.com to help you find the best case for your product, you are going to be very happy.

Now, the thing to remember when you are shopping for an iPad case is that the case is going to be much different then the one that you have for your iPhone or Kindle. You need to be able to have a case that will allow you to watch, read, or do whatever you need to while having the iPad remain in an upright position. This is because it's just not as fun to have it laying flat so that anybody nearby can see what you are doing. Having a case to prop it up makes everything better.

There are many types of cases for sale on Tuff-Luv.com that you may have seen in other places, or perhaps on television. The difference here is that these are less expensive and the same high quality as the others. You also get to personalize many of the cases, which makes it all the better. Some of the best cases that you are going to be able to buy are the Armour-Prene brands. This type of cases effectively protects the iPad from damages such as water, but also gives it an extra layer of protection for if you drop it, accidentally throw it (which does happen a lot), or step on it. Instead of cracking the important item inside, this Armour-Prene will protect it. There are also excellent case covers that allow you to sit your iPad up in a sitting position while protecting it from anything that might damage it on the other side.

So, before you try to buy any case for your iPad near your home, be sure to check out Tuff-Luv.com and the best iPad 3 cases that they can offer.
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Find You with the Best Galaxy S3 Cases

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 19:55:00 Europe/London

find the best galaxy s3 cases now

A smart phone is your life line. You carry it everywhere, and you want it with you at all times. Protecting your Galaxy S3 should be your first thought. Your new Galaxy was picked because it is the best with the most up to date features you can get. Your Galaxy smart phone is customizable and you love that it was made with you personally in mind. The Galaxy SIII is everything that you could possibly want and more. If techy Goodness is something that you strive for, than the Galaxy SIII will be everything that you seek in a smart phone. Once you get your phone you are going to be on the hunt for the best galaxy s3 cases that you can get your hands on.

A phone such as the Galaxy S3 deserves to be encased in beauty, craftsmanship, character and toughness to protect it. When you look for a case, you want it to say as much about you as your choice in a phone. You want your case to have character that is only you and you want it to say so much without speaking a word. Finding the perfect case that you not only love to show off but will offer you utmost piece of mind is very important. Ultimately a case or assortment of cases that make carrying your smart phone around with you worry free and be guaranteed for life should be your goal.

The Galaxy S3 was built with life in mind but the best galaxy s3 cases is one that can withstand those times when life gets in the way and accidents happen. Nothing is more devastating than hearing your smart phone hit the ground and you are almost afraid to pick it up when that happens. You need to invest in a true case that will protect your investment as well as show the world who you are and what your personality is.

Truly, no matter what kind of case you desire, or what makes you happy, you want security with what your phone is wrapped in and you want to know that no matter what life happens around you, your phone will be safe. Knowing that your case is guaranteed for life will help you enjoy your smart phone even more. Looking down to see that it says everything about you in character and design is the icing on the cake.

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All Your Protective Case Needs For Your Galaxy S3

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 19:41:11 Europe/London

best galaxy s3 cases


Are you looking for something to protect your new galaxy s3 but don't want something bulky and unattractive? Or do you already have a case from another company and are dissatisfied with it? Well Tuff-luv.com has the answer to all you phone protection problems with many colors, styles and materials to choose from.

On Tuff-luv.com you can find cases for your phone that are stylish, protective, sleek and lightweight. You have many options to choose from with options of material, color, theme or even personalized!

Whether you want a faux leather case for your phone that will even allow you to carry some credit cards or money with you so that you won't have to carry a wallet as well, or if you want a hard shell case with pretty polka dots all over it this site will be able to provide it for you.

Now you may be thinking that you can just go and get your galaxy s3 cases from any old website and get the same quality. You would be wrong! Tuff-luv.com gives you so many options that it dwarfs its competitors. You would regret it if you went anywhere else for your smartphone case.

The prices for these quality cases are extremely reasonable and sometimes even so low that you won't believe your eyes at first! But it's true, you cannot go wrong shopping for your galaxy phone here.

The beautiful faux leather galaxy S3 cases make you and your phone look elegant and sophisticated. All this while being fully functional and protecting your phone like no other because it's so durable. The faux leather looks so good you won't believe that its faux!

The wallet style galaxy case offers utility as well as protection. Isn't it annoying when you are trying to jam your huge wallet and your phone into your tiny but cute purse, or into your pockets? Well the wallet style case takes care of that problem by making your phone case and your wallet one in the same.

While holding your phone securely in place and protecting it, it offers places for your credit cards and IDs, along with any money you might need for your night out on the town or a day out in the city. Allowing you to travel as light as possible all the while looking stunning!

If you just want something simple for your galaxy phone they have that too. In all types of colors from black, red, green or pink. Just about any color you can think of. The hard shells that these colors come in offer a sleek look while being extremely durable. A bounce or two will not harm your phone when it's wearing a protective case like the ones that Tuff-luv.com can provide you with.

Anything you need for your galaxy s3 come to Tuff-luv.com and you are sure to find what your need in a jiffy. With a range of options you're sure to find one that you'll fall in love with and can't live without!

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Protect your Galaxy S3!

Monday, 16 September 2013 19:50:02 Europe/London

best galaxy s3 case for phone

Using tuff-luv.com, you can order a case for your Galaxy s3 to keep it safe and protected. After spending your hard-earned money on such an expensive device, you would want to make sure it doesn't scratch or dent. This website has many choices, materials, personalizations, colors, as well as themed cases for your Galaxy s3. However, the best Galaxy s3 case depends on what you are looking for. Whether your look is a wallet case, integrated case, or a shell, tuff-love.com has many to choose from, all affordable. They don't stop at just cases though! This website offers electronic holders, such as a portable speaker system for your phone, at only $30!

Tuff-love.com has a category of cases called an 'in-genius' case. These cases are some of their most popular, being a credit card holder and case in one. This case comes in leather, and can be personalized to your liking, even being able to choose the location of the personalization. Every case from tuff-love.com come with a free screen protector to offer an extra level of protection. This case offers a cut-out slit that allows the camera to be used while in-case.

There is a wallet-type case for those who have limited space to keep your Galaxy s3 safe. You have a variety of choices of materials: leather, vintage leather, white leather, etc. These can also be personalized to whatever you would like. This product qualifies for tuff-love.com's lifetime guarantee, which very few phone cases actually have. This case is designed to keep all of your essentials together, from your phone to cash. It offers access to the Galaxy s3 touch screen, without any fuss.

The most popular type of phone case is the shell case. At tuff-love.com, every shell case comes with a screen protector. They vary in material and color, all for you to choose personally. Shell cases are also the least expensive out of the protective cases for phones. They are made from silicone in a shell that covers the phone completely, leaving the ports and camera clear for easy access. If you are on a budget, but still would like a stylish and more importantly, protective case, a shell is the way to go.

Tuff-love.com offers an upgrade to their lifetime warranty when signing up, as well as free shipping around the world. It is important to choose a case that fits your lifestyle as well as functionality. The best Galaxy s3 case depends on what you are looking for. The 'best' case varies on what you are using it for. Entertainment users, for example, use shell cases, while those on the go may use the 'in-genius' case. Whatever your needs may be, tuff-love.com can fit them, all while doing so at a great price and service!

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Iphone 4s Covers Uniquely and Fashionably

Sunday, 15 September 2013 19:45:46 Europe/London

best iphone 4s covers

If you have invested in the one of the smartest phone of the year and are now looking for the perfect cover to enhance its looks , style and longevity is what to look for. There are so many great, fashionable and affordable iphone 4s covers. It seems like everyone these days have them, and they are so useful. Although, some people just go in the store and buy a phone, and just get the recommended cover offered by the sales person selling the phone to you. That sales person doesn't have any idea what you really what. They don't really know you, your likes, your hobbies or even your favorite color. They just offer a generic iphone 4s cover. Sometimes just to make a little extra on the sale. Well... What's yours, is yours and we must continue to control the rights to it. So our company is here to make you iphone a little more awesome and a little more you.

Time to break free of the same old covers and cases, and let’s get creative! There are many of our unique iphone 4s covers to choose from. We offer a lifetime guarantee and we can even personalized it for you. There are leather, silicone and gel covers offered. Our personalized vintage leather wallet case cover has always been a big hit.

Lets face it, your cell phone is the only thing keeping you going and trying to stay in your sanity. Protecting you from the utter insanity of waiting for a train, waiting in line, waiting in the rain, waiting for anything, really, without something to do. That is why the iphone has become the revolution and the accessories inspired by them are amazingly comfortable and uniquely fashionably.

There are many ugly, huge and bulky phone cases and covers offer no protection from anything other than shock. The bulk of the case makes it harder to get phone in and out of my pocket, and actually increased my chances of dropping the phone. If you intend to carry your iPhone in your hand or pocket, then you need a cover which keeps away all the dirt along with being slim in size to fit in your purse, handbag or pocket Our cover protects and fit perfectly in your hand. Therefore, decreasing your chances of dropping the phone. It also has a sharp and professional look to it, which is a big improvement over the look and feel of the many competitive.

So, let’s get into our happy safe shopping mode and search for a fashionable iphone cover to protect us, and be unique and useful, like our leather personalized wallet iphone covers and many others. Covers help in improving the iphone's lifetime and making them help you enjoy their benefits in a better way.

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Use An iPad 3 Case to Protect Your Device

Saturday, 14 September 2013 19:38:12 Europe/London

As resilient as devices like the iPad 3 are, they are not indestructible. As such, you shouldn't travel with one unless it is adequately protected. The best way to keep your tablet from becoming scratched or cracked is to invest in an iPad 3 case.

At one point, most tablet and laptop cases were fairly plain and boring. They were typically black in color and featured no designs or patterns. Today, that is no longer the case. Covers now come in just about any color or pattern that you can imagine. No matter your preferences, you are sure to find a protective case that matches your style.

The most popular kind of iPad 3 case resembles a pouch. Made from soft, durable materials, these cases do a good job of protecting an iPad or other tablet from damage like scratches and cracks. These cases also do a fair job of protecting a tablet should it be dropped from a reasonable height. If the tablet is nudged off a tablet or topples off a bed, for example, these cases should provide adequate cushioning and prevent broken parts.

Another popular type of case is the case cover. Resembling a book cover, these cases wrap around the tablet and close using a latch, belt or band. These types of covers are well-liked because of their crisp, professional appearance. Many of these holders also have space for a keyboard or other accessories, allowing busy business people and fast-paced consumers to carry everything they need in one nice, tidy bundle. For those who want a leather look without paying a leather price, there are faux leather cases that look just like the real thing.

When it comes to choosing a color for a case, the sky is the limit. While traditional black is still very popular, colors such as red, blue, green and white are also in high demand. Even leather-like cases can be had in such shades as pink, orange and purple. In addition to a wide variety of colors, iPad cases can also come styled with many different patterns. Stripes and polka dots are among the most popular, but there are many different styles to choose from. As affordable as these cases are, you can even choose to purchase several so that you always have a cover that matches your mood or attire.

An iPad is not a cheap toy, and it should not be treated as such. You can keep your valuable tablet safe and secure by purchasing a customized cover or case that will keep your device from becoming damaged or broken when you move from place to place.
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Check Out These Unique Cases for Your iPad 3

Friday, 13 September 2013 19:32:00 Europe/London

Did you recently buy an iPad 3? If so, you are probably trying to find the best case for your new device. Of course, you want a case that is stylish, but you also want a case that is sturdy enough to keep your iPad 3 protected. Luckily, Tuff Luv offers several different styles of iPad 3 cases. That means that you can find a case that will meet all of your needs.

One of the most popular types of iPad 3 cases is the type view case. This case folds back so that you can type on your iPad with ease. These cases are affordable, and they come in various colors. You can buy a type view case from Tuff Luv in blue, black, pink and even orange. You can also choose between silicon and faux leather.

Another popular type of iPad cases is the tri-stand case. This type of cover allows you to position your iPad 3 in three different ways. This is a beautiful and highly functional case that is available in black faux leather.

You may also be interested in the slim stand style from Tuff Luv. This case comes in a wide variety of color options, including red, black, grey, pink, blue and lilac. The cases even come in fun designs, such as polka hot beige, polka hot black, duck egg floral, black floral and white floral. You can also choose between a fuax leather case cover, a fabric case cover and a faux leather clutch style case.

You have tons of options when it comes to choosing a case for your iPad 3. You should evaluate many of your options before you choose the case that will hold your prized device. You want something that will protect it from scratches and drops, but you also want something that you will be proud to carry around with you. You also do not want something that is so bulky that it will be a nuisance to carry. One of the greatest benefits of an iPad 3 over a laptop is that it is so slim and lightweight, so you do not want to counteract those benefits by slipping it into a clunky case that you will be embarrassed by when you try to bring it out on the road with you.

With so many options out there available to you, you have the ability to purchase a case that meets all of your needs. You may first wish to determine what functions are most important to you, such as whether or not you want a case with a keyboard. You should also think about the angles that you wish to be available to you when using your iPad 3. Do you want it to sit comfortably on your lap? Will you always be holding it, or do you want it to stand up on your desk? These are important things to consider before dishing out the money on a case for your iPad 3.
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Tuff Luv Phone Cases and Covers for Every Style

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 22:41:51 Europe/London

At Tuff Luv, we have been designing and creating the best quality phone cases and covers for all types of electronic accessories for over seven years.  We are committed to offering top quality merchandise to protect your valuable electronics from smartphones, e-readers, mp3 players, and so much more.  We are responsible for the entire process of designing, sourcing, devephone cases and coversloping, and manufacturing each case we offer.  We stand true to all of our merchandise which is why every Tuff Luv phone case comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Simply The Best Phone Cases

Sure, we offer cases for e-readers, mp3 players, tablets, cameras, and more, but who doesn’t need a phone case these days?  With everyone toting around a pricey smartphone, you’d have to be mad to not want to protect yours.  However, phone covers are more about just protecting your phone, it’s a way to show off some personal style, and that’s why a Tuff Luv case is more than just a case. We offer over 20 different styles of phone cases including the popular wallet-style and Tuff Luv In-Genius options.  Our cases are available in over 35 colours and patterns from white, black, blue, grey, pink, and so many more.  We have cases made from over a dozen different materials from vintage style genuine leather, faux leather, silicone, meta, and even glass.  Only top quality materials are selected when we are creating a new case because we care about crafting a quality product.  Many of our cases also come with the ability to personalize them by adding your name or initials, or other special message.  You are certain to find something that you love with so many options for all of the top phones including the best iPhone 4 cases, iPhone 5 cases, Samsung Galaxy cases, HTC, Blackberry, and more. 


Built to Last

On average 25% of electronic devices are broken each year, the vast majority due to being dropped.  If you have ever accidentally dropped your phone only to watch it fall in slow motion and shatter the screen upon landing, you are definitely not alone.  Tuff Luv cases are built to last, and thoroughly tested for defects before launching.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee to give you the peace of mind that you are making a great choice when choosing Tuff Luv, and we will back up any design or manufacturing flaws in our cases.  Tuff Luv is truly the best choice for a unique and high quality phone case.

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