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Show Off Your Galaxy s3 With A New Case

Tuesday, 8 October 2013 21:58:58 Europe/London

A phone is not complete without the proper case. You should invest into a quality case to both showcase the style of your phone and to protect it from harm. One problem a lot of people have is that they fail to buy a case for their phone. The Galaxy s3 is a durable phone but it is not invincible. One drop in the wrong place can result in the phone's screen cracking or it becoming damaged beyond repair. You may have insurance but that takes a long time to process. Tuff Luv has the best Galaxy s3 cases you need to keep your phone protected.

Leather cases allow you to show people that you have a bit of class. Invest into a leather case if you are in the corporate world or want to let people know that you have a good taste in style. There are a variety of leather cases to choose from so you have options to help make your phone stand out from the rest. What's great about the leather cases available is that they are also very durable. Just because they are not plastic that does not mean they do not absorb impact on a fall. The leather cases are smooth and can help you prevent your phone from breaking.

Personalize your phone with a case that has your unique design. We also offer personalized cases so that you can have your own unique protective case. Leather and other types of material are available to help protect your phone. Figure out what you want your case to look like and we will help your phone look unique. It is easy to personalize your phone so make sure that you let us know what you want it to look like and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

We offer the best Galaxy s3 cases but we also have skins are available to place on top of your case. If you want to constantly change the appearance of your phone then consider a skin. This is a good way to help your phone look different every few weeks or month. You might also want to invest into different shell cases that are interchangeable. This is another good way to help change the look of your phone so it always stands out from the crowd. Your Galaxy s3 is going to look unique at all times and be a phone people are going to envy.

All of the cases available are very affordable. You don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on a new case. Allow us to provide you with cases and you don't have to fork out an insane amount of money just to change the appearance of your phone. Check back for new designs and cases in stock so that you can always have a new case for your phone.

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Protect Your IPad 3 with Style!

Monday, 7 October 2013 22:05:02 Europe/London

Technology has slowly advanced its way into a sleeker style as time progresses. Take the purchasing an ipad3. When you hold it in your hands and use it, you want to find the best possible protection you can so you avoid any damage to it. It would almost seem like a daunting task to find the best ipad 3 case to make sure your new piece of technology is kept safe, but it isn't. Cases can be used to protect your ipad as best as it can, but they either lack the ability to fully utilize your pads key features, or just look horrible. Not anymore.

One of the cases that gives you protection, and style, would be the Clean-Pad Genuine Case cover. Protection isn't the only thing that it adds to your ipad 3. Not only is it hand made leather, but it gives you a secure tab for multiple positions. Whether you are typing an email, or viewing a movie while waiting, you will be able to position your ipad 3 for any activity you are doing for the best form of comfort. Comfort, and the ease of access to all the features your ipad 3 has, without any hindrance to its use, makes this case an acceptable combination to the ipad.

Does that alone make it the best ipad 3 case to purchase? No. Coming with secure magnetic closure, you can carry on your day to day activities without having to constantly look to see if your ipad is about to go crashing to the floor. Even your battery life is safe within the hold of this case, as its "stasis" feature will put your ipad 3 to sleep when you shut it. No more worries about your ipad draining itself to "0%" and causing more headaches, now it will automatically end up going to sleep thanks to this case.

Still thinking this is nowhere near being the best ipad 3 case to own? Well, have you ever wanted a personalized case, in a fantastic looking leather make? With a soft micro-fiber interior so your screen doesn't receive any damage due to the embroidering, removing any doubt and allowing you to personalize this case to make it your very own. Now you can carry your ipad 3 around, and do it justice with stylized protection that will make your ipad 3 experience complete, and giving you your own unique style to accompany the fantastic design of the ipad as well.
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The Top Five Best iPad 3 Cases

Saturday, 5 October 2013 22:17:04 Europe/London


The iPad tablet is a marvel of modern day technology. The lightweight versatile device is slim enough to cart around in a duffle bag and offers all the capabilities of a desktop computer. The iPad is a prized possession amongst consumers. It’s innovative. It’s gorgeous, and more importantly, it’s pricy. The convenient touch screen on the apple iPad 3 can access everything from television shows to navigation systems. Many apple owners keep their calendars and contact information in their iPads for easy access to their most pivotal information. There’s magic hiding behind that high resolution screen. Between the magic and the price, it is of the utmost importance to be sure that screen is adequately protected.

Not all ipad cases are created equal. Some are bulky. Some are cheaply made. Some are just not durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear. The problem is that with so many cases on the market, it might be difficult to tell the difference. Here are the top five best iPad 3 cases on the market, in order of their durability.

Number One: The Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case for $59.95

There are other fancier cases on the market, but when it comes to actual iPad protection, Gumdrop’s got it covered. This case sports a snap-on integrated screen with multiple layers of shock absorption. Every inch of the iPad is covered in rubber to withstand even the most brutal imaginable conditions an iPad might be exposed to. It also happens to be one of the most affordable cases on the market.

Number Two: Grove Bamboo Case starting at $159.00

If you happen to be searching for something fancy and a bit expensive, the Grove Bamboo case is entirely too appealing to pass up. This custom artistic cover is a handcrafted combination of leather wood and wool. Hand drilled grooves in the cover make all ports and cameras easily accessible without the need to remove the cover. This is what happens when eco friendly bamboo art meets modern innovative electronics.

Number Three: Speck Wander Folio Luxe for $129.95

This case is built for the business traveler. It’s made out of premium grain leather and comes complete with slots for your checkbook, credit cards, and business cards. It provides protection without bulking up the look of your iPad. It acts as a stand, a screen protector, and a wallet. Plus it matches nicely with a suit.

Number Four: Zaggfolio for $49.99

This is a combination case and keyboard. While it can be somewhat bulky, it offers full protection and a nifty iPad keyboard with Bluetooth compatibility. The price on this case just went down from $99.99 to $49.99, making it the most affordable option in a durable portable case.

Number Five: Griffin Survivor for $79.99
This case will virtually arm your iPad in shock resistant silicone in order to prevent accidents. It’s possible that your iPad could survive an atomic blast in the case. It’s a bit awkward to look at, but it will definitely ensure protection.

Those are the top five best iPad 3 cases currently on the market. Whether you’re seeking sleek and sophisticated, or charmingly artistic, one of those five should fit your fancy.

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Make your iPad Mini Original

Friday, 4 October 2013 22:21:05 Europe/London

With the growing popularity of iPad minis, there is also a growing need for unique and diverse cases that fit into the different facets of life. An iPad mini can be so much more than a tool for education, communication, and entertainment. Thanks to high quality Tuff-luv Cases, it is also possible to turn an iPad mini into a original fashion accessory or personal statement piece.

Another fantastic feature that could be the best iPad mini case for you would be the Embrace plus, which has a very functional hand strap. This would allow for a more comfortable reading position without fatiguing the thumb by pinching the iPad. Read for longer in comfort without cramping your hand or style!

The best iPad mini case can vary from person to person. Some people may want to keep a sleek and professional appearance to their case and prefer a simple leather or croc Patent leather case. The Personalised Vintage Leather "Embrace Pro" provides a clean, sleek, professional look and can have optional personalization branded onto the surface to keep it unique. This could also be a great office gift for promotion or retirement gifts also. The MultiView Hemp Cases are classy yet natural looking, and offers five different viewing angles for your comfort.

The iPad mini cases all provide a unique cover in a variety of colors. This allows you to put your own personal touch on your iPad without blending into the crowd or copying another person's style. Do you want to show a fashion flair with red and white polka dots? Or wear your favorite color on your tablet? Looking for something ultra-feminine and classy? Take a look at the Croc Patent Faux Leather Purse case! The combinations are endless!

Tuff-luv cases are so much more than just a fashion accessory, as well. These cases provide a layer of protection to your tablet, an important feature since anything can happen with one wrong move. With the case secured around your iPad mini, it can protect the screen from cracks and scratches. Flipping the case closed will also put your iPad mini into sleep mode, which will help preserve your battery life.

Tuff-Luv's iPad mini cases qualify for their lifetime warranty to protect against faulty workmanship or materials. Simply register your case on the website! With a guarantee like this, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful piece of technology with peace of mind.
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Major Style - Mini Package

Thursday, 3 October 2013 22:26:37 Europe/London

When the iPad Mini was released in 2012, it was quickly welcomed to the Apple family of favorites among consumers. Keeping your iPad Mini protected is a top priority that Tuff-Luv can provide in a functional, fashionable way and cost effective way. Considered some of the best iPad Mini cases on the market, our iPad Mini cases have features and looks that are as different and unique as you are.

For the classic business professional, our Personalized Vintage Leather 'Embrace Pro' Case Cover & Stand is a perfect fit. With a kickstand for a flat surface and a recessed band for easy on hand holding, it proves to be a functional choice in and out of the boardroom. Classic colors of black and brown are available for a professional look.

The romantic will enjoy the ‘Embrace Pro’ case that comes in white faux leather with a handmade vintage Brogue design. It is a lovely and unique look with many practical features such as a recessed band for one handed holding and a magnetic button clasp to safeguard your iPad Mini.

Calling all fashionistas! Our Croc Patent Faux Leather Clutch Purse Case Cover & Stand is right on trend and a fashion forward choice in protecting your iPad Mini. Stylish and hip, the case features faux leather exterior in red or black and multiple viewing positions. The wrist strap makes it a stylish accessory that you can easily bring out on the town.

The Faux Leather 'Type-View' Case Cover & Clean-Pad comes in hot pink which is a lively choice that shows off your fun personality. Secure magnetic clips can angle your iPad Mini in many different positions on a flat surface for easy typing and viewing. This case also comes in black and has a built in cleaning pad for easy care.

The nature lover will adore our natural Multi-View Hemp Case Cover that comes in black and brown. This unique and earthy case features 5 different viewing angles for your iPad Mini from 30-75 degrees.

Whatever case style suits your personality best, you can rest assured that your iPad Mini is protected. What makes these the best iPad Mini cases on the market is not only their unique design, but the protection that they provide your investment. Tuff-Luv backs up the best iPad Mini cases on the market with a lifetime money back guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

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High Quality Kindle Cases from Tuff Luv

Thursday, 26 September 2013 22:06:44 Europe/London

With kindle being the modern day's equivalent of our favorite library, it's important that it be taken optimal care of. This is to ensure that it never gets broken to the extent of inconveniencing the user. As such, the most genuine way of taking care of a kindle is through the use of a case. These cases are specially designed to primarily protect the device. In addition, they play a major role towards making the device look more stylish.

A perfect place to get highly unique, quality and sophisticated cases is at Tuff Luv. This is because unlike all the other cases out in the market, the Tuff Luv e-reader cases incorporate very functional designs that are sold at very pocket friendly prices and with a lifetime guarantee. The Tuff Luv kindle cases are further geared towards giving maximum protection to the most vulnerable areas of the device so as to prevent incidences of the it having ugly scrapes or bumps.

What make the covers highly unique are their unique capabilities of allowing the user to continue accessing all of the essential controls while the cover is still on. Navigating through the screen is hence never a problem so is accessing other key functions of the device such as it ports. And, since the case designs are highly dynamic such as the book style, pouch, slip case, shoulder bag, flip style and the sleek jacket among many others, one is free to read in many different ways that they are most comfortable in. Actually, based on the style of case chosen, one even need not worry about accidentally spilling liquid onto the device for the cover protects it fully.

Apart from the design, these particular kindle cases are made from faux leather as well as using other traditionally hard leather materials. These are not only very strong and user friendly materials but are at the same time eco-friendly. Natural hemp is also used to create a more enhanced and sophisticated look. And, to give maximum comfort to the kindle device, micro-fiber linings are used. On every corner of the cover is a strap to ensure that the device remains in the right position. These straps are also made of faux leather and not elastic as is the case with covers from a majority of other e-reader cover designers.

There are those cases which incorporate styles and designs that are a favorite of women, others for men and still, there are those whose designs are unisex. Examples of the diverse colors adopted in these cases include different shades of grey, black, blue, brown, green, beige, orange, pink, lilac, red, purple, white and clear. Tuff Luv also offers cases targeting different kindle users such as those who use the kindle touch, kindle DX, paperwhite, keyboard and even the latest kindle 4 & 6 e-ink. One can easily own one of these cases for as low as £9.99 and also, one may further request for a personalized case to complement their personal style but, this is usually sold at a higher price.

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Shop for the Best Kindle Fire Cases

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 22:00:55 Europe/London

Technology today has gone to levels never imagined and the increase in the quality of devices available for purchase has brought about a need for ways of keeping these devices safe. For the Kindle Fire, there is the variety of different Kindle Fire cases available today.

Keeping customers happy is always the final goal and getting there means providing a quality product with as much variety as possible. Protective cases for devices such as the Kindle Fire are readily available and in more varieties than ever before. Purchasing the right case for your Kindle Fire isn't as difficult as you might think.

When purchasing a protective case, online purchasing beats any other form of purchasing by miles. There is always more of a variety to choose from and quality is never lacking. Inventory is also never a problem so purchasing protective cases for a Kindle Fire is made simple with online purchasing. Why pay more when you can enjoy the same quality for less?

There are deals to be found and there is money to be saved when purchasing your protective case online. As mentioned previously, quality is never lacking either. When purchasing a case for your Kindle Fire, you are really purchasing an assurance so to speak. This is an assurance that your device is kept much safer in the end.

Unexpected things can happen from time to time and without notice. Accidents happen, things drop and get bumped. No matter what the reason, when the unexpected happens it can be quite disappointing. This is where the protection that a Kindle Fire case provides comes in extremely handy.

There are also a variety of different types of protective cases and the type you purchase can make a difference in the amount of protection you are providing for your device. This is where doing a little bit of research comes in handy as well. Knowing the quality of the item you are purchasing is more important than anything else because a low quality protective case can be no better than no case at all.

Technology has gone to levels unimagined and with it have gone the quality and pricing of devices today. Purchasing a Kindle Fire is a fantastic thing because they are great devices but purchasing reliable Kindle Fire cases is just as important. There is nothing worse than spending all of that money on a great device only to lose that great device to the unexpected.

Don't risk the safety of a new Kindle Fire by not providing it with the appropriate case to protect it. Purchase the best Kindle Fire case you can find today!
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Leather iPad Mini Case Sophisticated

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 21:51:05 Europe/London

If you're the one of many that bought the iPad mini instead of the fourth generation iPad, you are not alone. Especially when you new addition is so pricy, you are going to want to protect it in every way possible. Whether you like to work, watch movies, listen to music or just play games and get the newest apps, you will want to make sure you have the best case to protect your ipad mini just incase of an accident. It is so easy to drop when you constantly want a different landscaping view or want to use the keyboard.

The ipad mini is such a beautiful feat of engineering and style, I simply fail to see why anyone would get a thick, bulky, ipad mini case. That is why the leather ipad mini case is so unique. It is not like your everyday thick, bulky ugly iPad mini case. Plus you want to make sure it is as portable as your iPad mini. Lets face it the iPad mini is portable enough to go anywhere. It can even give you a laptop like experience. So, of course you want to protect you investment and have the best available product to protect your 7.9 inch amazing design.

You also want something that is a little more stylish them the average case. You want it to be small, or slim like the iPad mini. You also need to have the same protection as the bulky cases. These beautiful apple devices are sleek and sophisticated, something you should be proud to carry around and show your friends. An iPad mini with a cracked or damaged screen, however, is not so cool to carry around. So you want your case to meet the same sophistication as you device, and make it personal like the leather ipad mini case. Lightweight and thin in design allows for protection against accidental drops, impacts and scratches. Without the added bulk typically associated with other, most likely more expensive cases that attempt to provide this level of protection.

Since you iPad mini is more pocketable, you will likely find yourself toting the tablet around more often than the full-size iPad. But with greater portability, there is a greater need for protection.

When you are an iPad owner, the world is at your finger tips, you always want to make sure you are comfortable in carrying your mini. Toting around a fashionable, yet sleek iPad mini can is essential.

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It’s a wallet, no it’s a purse, no it’s both and an iPhone 5 case!

Monday, 23 September 2013 21:46:49 Europe/London

Own an iPhone 5? Or looking to buy one now that the price of the iPhone 5 is down to as low as $99? Well, Tuff-Luv has designed a spectacular new product so nifty every owner of an iPhone should own one! I know what some of you may be thinking, "come on it's just a phone case," but it's really so much more. Brilliant form and function in one sleek package—no need to remove your phone from the case to take photos since these cases provide complete access to all your phones’ functions. Tuff-Luv has several clever leather iPhone 5 case options in both gender neutral as well as ultra-girly designs.

Tough Enough For the Boys

The In-Genius and Wallet-style case covers are the greatest thing since the money clip for keeping all the essentials you’d carry with you everywhere in one convenient package. First of all, the tough leather exterior protects your phone and comes with a screen protector free of chard. Secondly, this slim-fit case molds to your phone and holds credit cards and money without the added bulk of a traditional style wallet. Finally, every case can be personalized in any of eight different fonts in a number of positions on this high-quality leather iPhone 5 case. The perfect gift for the guy who has everything!

Fashionable For the Girls

Perfect for someone like me who usually carries a big old mum wallet big enough to zip my phone into anyway, this is such a genius and quite fashionable replacement from Tuff-Luv. Going out dancing and don’t want to be weighed down, or just don’t like carrying a full-sized purse? Then you need this Tuff-Luv leather iPhone 5 purse-style case available in leather and adorable oilcloth print fabric. Similar to the wallet-style case designed for the gents only super cute! Still an innovative wallet-phone protector hybrid only you don’t want to hide this away in your bag, but show it off! Some designs even come with a wrist strap making it even easier to tote around than the clutch-style purse. A great ice breaker people will want to know where to get one, and the best part is so no more scrambling to answer your phone lost somewhere in the abyss of your old purse. These leather iPhone 5 cases are a great thing for the girl on the go.

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Purchase the Best Leather iPhone 5 Cases

Sunday, 22 September 2013 21:41:19 Europe/London

The only thing more important then having a great smart phone is having the right case to protect it and for the iPhone 5, the perfect case is the leather iPhone 5 case.

The iPhone 5 is a spectacular smart phone to own but as with all mobile devices will require a protective case if it is to be preserved over time. There are quite a few different types of iPhone cases to choose from these days and as with all things it comes down to personal preference. However, the leather iPhone 5 cases are much to be desired. It's stylish design and leather material make it a protective case that will catch the eye of anyone around while providing the perfect amount of protection for your mobile device.

Accidents happen and they happen often. This is something that simply cannot be avoided. When accidents occur and your smart phone is involved, the only thing between completely losing your phone and simply moving on after the accident is the protective case being used at the time. This is why choosing the right protective case is important. The right case can provide extra insurance when it comes to your mobile devices protection.

The right type of protective case will provide more than an added look to the already snappy looking iPhone. The right protective case will protect against scratches on the screen of your mobile device and it will protect against hard bumps that could damage the functionality of your mobile device. The perfect protective case will keep your mobile device together even when dropped on hard surfaces that would normally break a smart phone completely.

When purchasing a protective case that provides total safety, there is no need to sacrifice style. Great looking protective cases can provide great protection at the same time and the leather iPhone 5 case is one of those. Quality is always important and while research is always the key to finding great quality, this protective case has everything needed. You will not find a better case that looks any better than this.

While quality and style are always important pricing is just as important and there are always great deals to be found. No matter what anyone says, you can in fact have all three; quality, style and a great price. When a financial situation dictates a situation, finding these great deals is vital. The leather protective case is everything you need and at a great price.

Protect your iPhone 5 with leather iPhone 5 cases that provide the quality and style that anyone would love today!

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